Photography of property on Koh Samui

External and internal survey of the property: interior+exterior. Advertising photography villas, hotels, restaurants on Koh Samui. Possible aerial shooting quadracopter in 4K.

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Retouched - 10 pictures


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Retouched - 15 pictures
Aerial shooting - 10 pictures


Retouched - 20 pictures
Aerial - 10 pictures

Photography, making a profit!

Quality photography is an effective marketing tool. Visual information is perceived by people much better than text. Photographing real estate is an effective advertising method in real estate market.

I am a professional photographer in Thailand on Koh Samui who knows how better to demonstrate the advantages of your property the most effective way. My photos emphasize the advantages and unique features of your home.

I always give tips about interior decoration. This applies to every detail, down to the location of the accessories, furniture and bathroom design. I'm also willing to provide accessories for shooting without any extra charge.

A professional portfolio and beautiful photography will help when selling or letting your property.

Only a true professional is able to approach any problem creatively. I focus attention not only on the main subject of the photo, but the background, lighting, composition and most importantly - many other elements that are not noticed by other people. It is these invisible elements are capable the best way to convey feelings, emotions and atmosphere.

A responsible professional photographer uses only high-quality modern equipment, which allows us to achieve stunning quality photos. I have sufficient experience to use all the modern features of the latest SLR cameras as efficiently as possible.

Digital camera allows making high quality photos even in low light. It can be used to remove enough clear and sharp photos in low light. Early photographers did not have this option, so now with the help of photos we will be able to see what was always hidden from human view. This method allows us to achieve the amazing footage that can be used effectively in advertising or marketing.

But photographing real estate is not the whole work of the photographer. Serious post-processing photos of interior. A qualified specialist using a computer and special software can make the interior of your Villa or restaurant will make your photos look better than "life"! Post-processing will also help to choose the most accurate shade white balance, correct any defects, and also edit the image depending on the wishes of the client.


Do you know that...

80% of all buyers and tenants use the Internet for search for the best deals. When choosing people focused on the photos, because they give the most complete information about any other property. Most users think that photo is the best tool when choosing housing.

It interior photography allows you to make the most complete impression of the villa, house or apartment. The fact that the Internet has changed the method of finding housing for most users.

Property buyers and tenants find that photography is the main thing they are guided during the search for housing.
34 % of home buyers got a first impression of their homes from the Internet, and interior photography became the most effective tool to promote any ads for the sale of real estate.

Given the huge impact of high-quality photos of a potential buyer, professional photographers are the main item of expenditure on the marketing of any modern real estate Agency.

Photographing real estate is a key instrument of domestic marketing. That allows it without serious costs to increase the attractiveness of the proposal in the eyes of potential buyers.

Even one high-quality photograph can reduce unnecessary spending on advertising. This affects the sale price, because now there is no need to lay the price of huge costs on unnecessary advertising campaign.

Sell faster with quality photos of your interior. A professional photographer can create a full virtual tour of your property and buyers will be delighted with such an unusual speed, so you will be able to sell your property in a very short time.

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